Monday, November 22, 2010

Andrew Wright, Sean Cody

Arriving in Hollywood, I purposely do not careful. But I lose my damaged ... Son!

I suddenly remembered my first pempong (mobile) ... A Nokia 3210. New release more and more expensive when I was mauto mother to buy mobile phones. We parted on non Greta's because we both still young .. The problem we makatext not harmed and our circle of friends and just after the kafamily we have pempong. Just seems stupid! To say just a cellphone ... ssheeessshhh! Passing on the years gradually risen to new models of Nokia and different mobile company. We also Tigisa pempong of arrogant Greta (3210 i 3310 she! WTF! Outdo me!). Carrying people too of antiquity e yield the impaktong 3210.YES! A chance to buy a new one ...

I purchased a new phone a Nokia 30 .. .. uhhmm any model of that? SHET I remember! Anyway , the only reason I like her e sumasabay to beat the tone ilaw.wapak! But soon with me such pempong me ... she took the dressing room! Yes dressing room! Ampota I missed a dressing room at the mall, because I nastress ermats kakapilit me to measure pain in eyes red gown to another JS re pamball room! maiistress Who do! E potang not left my phone! Impernez I wept like a pup namatayan.Kahiya only.

season confident in textmate, I can not live without a phone.Paano of course the pagkembang? So I buy a new one with all types panguuto ina.Kaya I did. Inall in one occasion I have all my life with a gift for animal mairita Love ... When I was that mother pinagbigyan.Isang Nokia 3510i ... Aha, with an i. .. Colored and polytone . ... Social trends have not yon non.Matapos several months (not so long) ... also lost siya.Nalaglag the tricycle and I glimpse again anytime! WALANGHIYAAAAAA!

Ipinahinga I first thickness of muka .. I might kill you, send me by my mother. Thus the drama suffers tiisan nakikisaksak of zinc with Greta.Purita! There was a new pamblackmail the impakta "ahead! Not pasasaksakin income of zinc on my cellphone!" Langya! Api ...

nangulit not endure again .... I also granted. Excellent manguto e! (accompanied I "I kill myself!") Nokia 3660 ... Woohooo! Lumevel up. With cameras that ... and umiinfrared and blutooth! Although I do not know what the use of hitech Yon just know he is! BUT BUT BUT .... Like others. He also left me! Lost too! Animals! And bitter I do not know what caused her loss. If stolen I klepto friend (though I rob my friend parin.pathetic) or I nailaglag nanaman the tricycle. Because I'm too busy to rush home because .... never mind!

Poor nanaman.Nasusundan mode you still do some I lost? Anyway, as soon I magdebut (18 not 21!) This was promised magigift titong Stateside iPod mini (non Yon yet invented), but lost because of the impaktong phone, gave me nalang pambuy nokia 6230. Of course the smoke in the nose of her son selos.Maski! Soon also the relationship we (later than one year) ... but he also died! Nasira.Dala of katandaan.Hay people too! I remember our pinagsamahan (Shota? ) ... I referred a. Those phones may slow kayo.hahaha ..!

And because a good girl with Ungaz and the grades in high school, I nirewardan emratz of a sony ericsson W810i. I Peborit yung phone and gentlemen ... Nothing as strong! Several times I've fallen and sent alive to be alive still. Re tired but he was beating me nagsuicide bitch! Unabis nalang not open ... not even leave! HMP! E non goodbye!

And lastly ... My current phone. A SE C902 James Bond special Edition.Walang kaespesyal vs. SE C902.Masabi just ordinary James Bond Edition ... The last pempong given by mothers. That was the replacement of suffering I review and forwarding malaimpaktong board exam .... long time now that we include. And if I did not leave him able ko.Madrama? Which is why I kept extra (at least not outwardly children ).... But putakte! Mentras I kept gradually destroyed unti.Panay also especially flying and falling! Makakalipad thought he kidding! Andyang peeling on the keyboard. Rubbing more concentrated (as in my presence 10yrs ).... But earlier he had the ultimate shit! Pempong I took a bath to a water pails! Wwaaaaaahhhh! With Ungaz Panic! SHET! Chinek I quickly dried up and up ... do not press 2 and 3.Shet! Dryer! Dinryer him and accompanied by sandamakmak the "Lord! Lord! Lord !!!!" Boom! Narevive pempong my dear! Hay thank and ... here's just the mother said Ungaz extremely

"Why can you still carry your phone in the bathroom? Daft you really?"

Che! Busy me .. do not be confused that the Nagpapanic! Anyway, everything is he now ... May not I said we would have been iwan.Magtagal (BF?)! I beg you that you do not I leave you Damn !!!!!!!!!!!!

PS If anyone has a good inside please, do not hesitate to donate to your servant a BRAND NEW SONY ERICSSON XPERIA X10 .... Thanks! Labya!


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